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jli gen-lost #1


Its really nice when you pick up a comic with the greatest of expectations, only to find out it wasn’t at all what you expected, yet that be a good thing. This is what we have here. I loved the JLI/JLE/JLAntartica etc from years back. Keith Giffens writing, complemented by Macuires expressionate artwork, humour, great characters (even if they weren’t your regular Justice League) and well put together stories, succeeded in having  you laughing and on the edge of your seats waiting for the next twist, at the same time. They re-visited the team with the ‘formerly known as’ series and here with Generation Lost I was expecting much of the same, minus Ted Kord.

Not to be.

Aaron Lopresti’s artwork is great, which is more than can be said for the cover by Tony Harris (Fire as a Tranny Android anyone). Although different in style from Maguire, he is, like Maguire capable of penciling a gamut of detailed expressions on his characters which makes for ideal storytelling art. This’ll prove handy as the bombshell dropped at the end of this issue will leave the main cast going through both the wringer and the whole emotional spectrum no doubt, before the tale is wrapped up.

Both Giffen and Winick bemuse me. Both are capable of truly great work at times, whilst at the same time capable of stinking up the joint as well. See Winick’s work on Green Arrow (great) then Green Arrow/Black Canary (shockingly bad) as a case in point. This story looks like, and I’m hoping I’m proved right, they might be on for one of their successes. With Booster, Fire, Ice and Captain Atom in the mix so far it’ll be interesting to see if more of the JLI of old are roped into the story (GUY!) and if they refrain from the well established JLI purile humour of old. In a way I’m hoping they do, as this issue, though hinting at nostalgia proved to be something fresh and ultimately far more enjoyable than a trip down memory lane.

Overall this is well worth picking up, although those unfamiliar with DC’s rich tapestry of back history might find some of the past referencing a little tiresome. For anyone who loved the JLI of old this is a must, just don’t expect to be reading JLI 2010. This is JLI Brightest Day and may yet live up to that billing.

BTW For those unaware, Maxwell Lord is back, this time without an Amazon to keep him in check.

Justice League Generation Lost #1
Story: Keith Giffen and Judd Winick
Script: Judd Winick
Breakdowns: Keith Giffen
Pencils: Aaron Lopresti
Inks: Matt Ryan
Colours: Hi-Fi
Letters: Sal Cipriano
Cover: Tony Harris & JD Mettler


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