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Abysmal turnout, only six people, although to be honest I hadn’t given people much of an advance warnig of the event as we only had the hall booked from Tuesday. Good fun though, a long time since we played constructed at Warcraft so took a while to get into game mode.
Apart from the first game, when I drew pretty badly my Priest discard deck performed and fared pretty well.

1= Wayne Hepworth 3-1 (Alliance Death Knight)(-2)
1= Graham Beadle 3-1 (Horde Priest)(-2)
3  David Moakes 2-2 (Alliance Mage)(+2)
4  Adrian Macro 2-2 (Horde Warrior)(-6)
5= James Warrener 1-3 (Horde ?)(+4)
5= Donovan Macro 1-3 (Alliance Mage)(+4)


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