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Well I did it, I finally went to a comic convention, and it definitely wont be my last.

Despite the majority of the stuff at the c onvention being of no interest to me (Manga….ugh, Anime…likewise, Video Gaming…not my cup of tea) there were some definite highspots, the main one being my acquisition of a sketch (see above) by Gary Erskine (Dan Dare, Zemo, Authority-with Millar if I remember right, Judge Dredd).

We (Phil Davis, myself and our sons, Cameron and Simon) left Maidstone at 10 o’clock and made the fairly straight forward journey to the London Excel, parked up, noting that the parking costs went up from a tenner and walked the short distance to the venue. We had to queue a short while (about fifteen minutes) for our (very reasonably priced – £10 kids go free) tickets. Whereupon we were asked to snake around the building for 5 minutes before entering the event proper, although we did net a free t-shirt for some obscure video game at the same time.

I have to say that by now I was feeling a tad underdressed in my misfitting Green Lantern shirt as about 50% of the attendees had come in costume, predominantly from obscure, well to me anyway, anime and manga titles.

We made a quick cicuit of everything there so as to get a handle on what we wanted to do with our alotted time. To be honest there wasn’t a huge amount that hit me as priority as so much of the place was taken up by stuff that didn’t interest me. For my son, Cameron, it was a different matter. So many people to pose for photos with. Iron Man, Batman, Stormtroopers, Tuskan Raiders, Darth and others. He was as happy as could be. For me however here were the highs and lows.

Garry Erskines sketch of Green Arrow
Chatting with various folk from the comic industry
Dan Boultwoods sketch of Cameron, Steampunk’d
Acquiring some needed stock for the shop
Coming away with money left

Too much manga and anime
Too much Cosplay
Not getting to meet the Fringe folk as £15 per autograph was too rich for my blood
Too many people
Not enough mainstream comic guys

Overall though a good day was had, despite my moans. So much so that Jayne has booked a hotel up in Birmingham for the convention later in the year, where I’ll get to go with the whole family.


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  1. Well, well, well Graham, you have finally seen the light. Going to Brum as well, I suppose this means you’ll be going to every con on the planet, just to make up for lost time!!!

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