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Considering my love for the character it only seemed fair that I did the review of the re-launch of Green Arrow, albeit two weeks late. Sorry it’s short but I was trying to get the Yugi results, shipping lists and ebay stuff done at the same time. Regardless of the interiors though, how wow is the Mario Cascioli cover.


JT Krul was given the ball to run with and to be honest this was a decent effort, although probably not enough for another series of downs. His conclusion (issues 31 and 32) of the awful Green Arrow/Black Canary run had been pretty good, tying up some loose ends from Cry for Justice as well as posing new questions, although it had been matched up with some of the worst art in DC history.

On this issue, however, he presents us with some good stuff in the latter half of the comic, and some truly horrendous dialogue in the middle section. The opening sequence, although quite clearly attempting to tip its hat to a similar scene in Grell’s wonderful Longbow Hunters doesn’t quite deliver despite the solid artwork of Diogene Neves,  who’s pencils bear a lot of similarity to the better work of Jim Lee. This is followed up by the aforementioned, incredibly clunky (even more so than my review, if that is possible) dialogue sequence with the person he saves. The comic does get better though, with some nice elements being introduced later on as well as some direct Brightest Day tie in right at the death, so it wasn’t an excuse just to run the BD banner on the top of the comic to generate sales.
Krul has presented a bit of a mixed bag recently. His run on Rise of Arsenal has been shockingly bad, whereas Mindfield (Aspen Comics) has been pretty good so far. It’s obvious that I’m going to be buying every issue of this run, regardless of whether it is good, bad or indifferent. However, I couldn’t justifiably recommend it to anyone, whilst at the same time I wouldn’t dissuade people from buying it either as the connections to Brightest Day and the reveals to come could yet prove interesting.

My overall verdict = Wait till I’ve read the first six, then maybe get the trade depending on if the potentially good stuff delivers on it’s promise.

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