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Hi! Its time for another blog about Legend of the Five Rings from me, Matsu Mokashi (or David to those who don’t know me through various L5R sites) and this time I am picking the Crane clan and trying my best to come up with a deck all by myself again. My idea with this deck is to be able to switch between honour and military through duelling.

Crane duelling switch

Stronghold: Shiro Daidoji

Dynasty deck (40 cards)

1 X Doji’s guidance

1 X Imperial arrival

1 X Well-Defended border
1 X Plains of resolution

Holdings (15)
3 X Marketplace
3 X Barely farm
3 X My Father’s shrine
3 X Offices of the Emerald Magistrates
1 X Kitsune den
1 X Travelling peddler
1 X Chugo Seido

Personalities (21)
2 X Kakita Hideo
3 X Kakita Sadaka
3 X Kakita Kado
1 X Asahina Ekei – exp
2 X Kakita Taminoko
1 X Kakita Aichiko
2 X Doji Senta
3 X Doji Gotobo
1 X Doji Hakuseki – exp2 X Kakita Idzuki
1 X Doji Domotai – exp 4

Fate deck (40 cards)

3 X Speed of the blade
3 X Weight the cost
3 X Impetuous challenge
3 X Imperial adjudication
3 X Impromptu duel
3 X Steel on steel
3 X Deathly aura
3 X Restoring order
3 X Threat of execution
3 X The light of justice
3 X Stolen property
2 X Negotiations at court
1 X Outmatched
1 X Relentless conviction

3 X A Magistrate’s blade

Time for a little explanation about the deck and the card choices I have made…

The deck here should be able to start off either trying to honour run or play a decent military game, both side aided by dishonouring your opponents personalities and punishing them afterwards. You could essentially sit back and just run out the honour clock, which is helped greatly by the Shiro Daidoji stronghold giving you an extra point of province strength unlike the other two Crane strongholds and the +1 force to all your defending Samurai, which would put your opponent on the offensive giving you the opportunity to take out as many of your opponents personalities with your duelling effects, the ranged attack from your Stronghold and your effects that punish the dishonorable personalities. If you come up against someone else who is playing an honour deck you could try to come out fast military but you would probably have more luck making the best of your ability to dishonour people and then smash face afterwards with your punishing kill effects and the extra force you get from Doji Gotobo, which being a trait means that the more you dishonour personalities, the more force you can gain.

Right, time for a bit of a talk through of some of the key cards and what they combo well with…

Doji Gotobo
This guy makes it into the deck because of his amazing trait ”After another player’s personality becomes dishonourable: Give your target Samurai +3 force”. Think about that for a second… if you have two of this guy on the field and you dishonour two personalities, you have +12 force that you can dish out to your Samurai. Three of him on the field and you dishonour three personalities, you then have +27 force to dish out amongst your Samurai. Combine that with Plains of resolution so that your opponent cannot reduce your personalities force and you have a monster on your hands. You could even bow them to the Stronghold for a massive ranged attack and still contribute their force with the effect from Plains of resolution on them.

Kakita Kado
Kado has the potential to become huge and bully his way through most duels thanks to his traits ”After you focus in a duel involving Kado: Give him +1F/+1C” and ”after a challenge is issued from an action Kado performed: Give him +1F” Issuing even two duels from Kado makes him into a 5F 3C personality if you only get to focus one card each time so in a duel of a decent size he can become nice and large.

Kakita Taminoko
Taminoko is very useful for whatever way you are playing your deck. Your opponent is always going to choose whichever is worse for you, the honour to yourself or his personalities being dishonoured but like I said before, this deck can switch around and you will always be able to take advantage of whatever your opponent actually chooses from this.

Imperial Adjudication, Impetuous Challenge, Impromptu duel and Steel on steel
These are you bread and butter for killing people during battle and sometimes even before. Imperial Adjudication for instance is a nice way for killing off personalities in the Limited phase as long as they are dishonoured and even if they aren’t, just pop an Impromptu duel on them first. They then have to choose if they take that extra duel on the chin or deny it, get dishonoured and then Imperial Adjudication will go through no problem.

Weight the cost and Speed of the blade
Both of these are valuable cards for focusing and will more often then not make sure you win a duel. Speed of the blade combos especially well with Kakita Aichiko. Aichiko’s effect ”Reaction: Before focus effects resolve in a duel involving Aichiko: Set the focus value of one of your focused cards equal to Aichiko’s personal honour” would happen first and then Speed of the blades effect ”Focus effect: Give this card’s focus value a bonus equal to the base personal honour of your personality in this duel” which would mean Speed of the blade would focus for 8 points, or 9 if you control Doji’s Guidance and the Imperial favor.

Threat of execution, restoring order and Relentless Conviction
These are just ways to abuse your opponents personalities once you have managed to dishonour them, Restoring order and Relentless conviction being the best ways as they are going to get rid of the personalities altogether and hopefully cause your opponent some family honour loss.

The Light of justice, Stolen property and A Magistrate’s blade
These are your utility cards for the deck. The light of justice being good for a little bit of sneaky action, moving someone in to a battle your opponent wasn’t expecting and getting an extra action off of it. Stolen property is your attachment hate, which you would be best off using in battle as it will be harder for your opponent to get it reattached and gives you another battle action. A Magistrate’s blade is a nice boost to force and chi but it there more for giving out the Magistrate keyword to more of your personalities as a lot of this deck works around that keyword.

I really don’t think this deck could be super-competitive but I think it would be a lot of fun and probably still win a good few games. Your best bet for a good start would be to get out gold first turn (I think that may be universally true for L5R though so I don’t know why I keep saying it) and then hopefully you will have a good idea what you might be up against and you can play accordingly. Trying to get out some smallbies like Kakita Hideo and a My father’s shrine to get an early start producing honour if you want to get your opponent to come to you or try your best to get out Doji Senta and anything that will help you dishonour your opponents personalities if they look like they are going to be honour running. This deck would probably struggle most against fast, swarm based military as the duelling and dishonouring in this deck would work better against few large units rather then tons of smaller ones. I hope this blog has been helpful to all you Cranes out there (especially as I began my L5R life as a Crane so I guess I have a secret soft spot for them) and hasn’t been too boring a read for all you non-Cranes. Stay tuned for more blogs incoming in the near future.

See you all soon.
Matsu Mokashi.


One Comment

  1. Hi David,

    First of all, thank you for you writing ! It was very interesting for me as I am a beginner with the Crane Clan.

    I have learned some interesting things like using the magistrate blade on a big duelist.

    Furthermore, I will ask you some advices for my deck construction.

    I like the stronghold “Seawatch Castle” (One free challenge even if the castle is bowed). And, I want to play dishonor. In this way, could you tell me some ideas about the deck creation ?

    See you all soon.


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