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Have just spent a GREAT two days up at BICS. Thought I should share a quick account of the weekends events. Apologies for the fact it’s in bulletpoint format.

1) Took about 4 hours to make the journey from Maidstone to the Premier Inn (only £117 for 2 nights, inc 3 breakfasts each day) in Birmingham, with Judge Dredd John (John Burdis) driving us up.

2) Reccied out the venue for the Convention then headed into Birmingham City center to look for food, eventually finding a nice Italian called La Villaggia, where the food was good, kids portions were excellent, smaller versions of the main meals and the prices weren’t unreasonable.

3) Made way back to hotel to crash out, while John some of the guys from the 2000AD forums.

4) After good nights sleep and then decent breakfast made our way over to the venue, the admission methods for which were a little haphazard. Did come with a nice little goodie bag from the antichrist of comic shops, whose name shall remain nameless, although the initials are FP

5) Established from Cameron that his priority sketches were Batman, Clayface and Grodd. All of which we nabbed early the first day.

6) Spent day 1 spending a lot of money on sketches and chatting to a lot of great guys from the industry.
sketches can be found here ->

7) Took Cameron down to Chinatown to grab a chinese. Went to a GREAT restaurant (Ken Ho’s). The food was excellent, portions huge. Can highly recommend the place if anyone happens to find themselves in Birmingham. Couldn’t find a website for them but this is their Facebook address.

8) Headed back to the hotel whereupon Cameron drew a sketch of Robin in felt tips, probably the best piece he has ever drawn by a long way. He crashed out 9.15 I read till 12

9) Repeat of day 1, breakfast, go to venue, got sketches and chatted, although didn’t spend as much money. Didn’t have as much left to spend to be honest.
sketches from day 2 can be found here ->

10) John drove us back with the return journey taking around half an hour less than the trip up.

The Staff at Premier, genuinely friendly and helpful
Food at Ken Ho’s, bloody lovely
All the artists at the show that took the time to chat and share there enthusiasm and talent with myself and son
John for acting as chauffeur
The Venue
Hollywood Heroes guys for posing for a number of photo’s with Cam 

Admission policy was a bit of a fiasco
Hype over Jonathan Ross
No Gary Erskine – really wanted a Hal to go with the Olly he did at the Excel.

All in all it was a fantastically enjoyable weekend. Will be going next year. In part 2 will show scans of all the sketches along with links to the artists respective sites.


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