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Sketch 1 – Simon Wyatt
Simon was the first to jump in and volunteer to draw Grodd for Cameron, after two artists had balked at the idea. The final illustration came out great. Will be getting it framed to go up in Camerons room.

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Sketch 2 – PJ Holden
Although best known for his work on 2000AD, PJ holden has recently worked on the Garth Ennis Battlefields series (which I can highly recommend, well except for the tankies series), Happy Valley 3 parter. HIs website that links to his Blog and Twitter can be found here :
PJ was the artist who got the ball rolling with regards Cameron’s Gotham sketchbook. Cameron was particularly happy as not only did he get the image he wanted (Batman) he got three of the rogues gallery as a backdrop. This was PJ’s second attempt at the sketch as the first attempt was filed under B for Bin.

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Sketch 3 – Ian Sharman
Ian was slightly bemused as to why I wanted one of his sketches as he traditionally works doing anything else within the industry other than the pencils (writing, inking, lettering etc). However as for a while he was a regular in the shop I twisted his arm and he came up with this version of Clayface.
Here is Ian’s Twitter Orangutang Comics
A 20 page preview of Ian’s Comic (writing duties) can be found here
If you want to get hold of a copy you can order from us. I’ll even get it signed for you.

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It is at this point that I have to apologize for my scanning, cropping, resizing abilities with regards these images. The aren’t huge blank spaces underneath them, I just lack the relevant skills to get the job done properly.

Sketch 4 – Lee Bradley
Although I only knew Lee from his Transformers work, got chatting to the guy for quite a while whilst he knocked up a great Bruce Timm inspired sketch of Mr.Freeze. For the large percentage of the show this was Cameron’s favourite sketch only for it to be pipped at the post.
Lee’s blogsite can be found here
Steve Weeks, if you’re reading this you really need to get a comission done by this guy. An Ultra Magnus would look great!!

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Sketch 5 – Dave Evans
I couldn’t find a site that was specifically for Dave (Bolt-01) so I’m posting a link to futurequake press, the 2000AD fanzine
Dave was great, encouraging Cam with regards art, picking his brains re Comic knowledge and involving him in the sketches development (and the finished article with the speech bubble). Plus the fact that the sketch was free. Here’s the image

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Sketch 6 – Stephen Downey
Although the last of the sketches from Day 1, Stephen was the first of the artists we had engaged with properly in the day, nattering to him whilst Simon was drawing Grodd. Later on he agreed to do another Clayface for Cam. Cameron got chatting to Stephen whilst he was finishing off the piece and agreed to draw something back at the hotel to bring in to show him the next day. The finished piece looked great and will be framed and put up in Cam’s room
This link should access both his blog and gallery

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As it is now 1.15am, I think I’ll leave posting the day 2 sketches until tomorrow.
Day 2 sketches can be found here ->



  1. Hi, it was a real pleasure doing the Grodd for you and Cameron, I hope his interest in comics and art grows with him.

    All the best,


    • Thanks again Simon. Getting art framed this week so should be on permanent dispaly by next weekend. I can’t say just how much I appreciate ALL the artists work and encouraging words for my son over the weekend. It’s rare that I ever see him quite that happy.

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