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Sketch 7 – Nigel Dobbyn
I have to be honest I only knew Nigel from his work on Fleetway’s Sonic comic and even then only vaguely. However when I requested a sketch for Cam in his Gotham book, he agreed to do a piece for us FOC, although we did have to find a reference so that the costume was correct. Throughout the drawing process he chatted with Cam and myself, explaining art techniques. The end result wasn’t one of Camerons favourites, however I REALLY love it. It’s clean, cute and i also like the fact that the initial structuring pencils are still visible underneath. One of my favourites of the weekend. Nigels website can be found here ->

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Sketch 8 – Neill Cameron
Neill was at the show promoting his first graphic novel, Mo-Bot High. I got him to agree to do a sketch in Camerons Gotham sketchbook in exchange for the purchase of issues 1 and 2 of his Bulldog Empire. Check out the A-Z of Awesomeness on his website . We will hopefully be stocking both Mo-Bot High by Neill and Monkey Nuts by the Etherington Brothers as long as I can sort something out with Random House.

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Sketch 9 – Ryan Taylor
Another artist who exchanged his sketching talents for the purchase of his comic, The Grinning Mask. Check out his blog here -> . Cameron really liked the sketch except for one thing as he insists it should say Boo! instead of Hee!Hee!

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Sketch 10 – Chris Phillips
Have to say that  this was one of the finds of the weekend. A young group of folks trying to promote their comic Candleman. Got chatting for quite a while and although I can’t comment on the writing quality of the comic, the art in their recent Graphic Novel is stunning as were the small images they were selling at the Con. The Catwoman image he produced for Cam’s sketchbook looks great and I recommend you check out some of the images on his websites.

Sketch 11 – David Golding
David had a stall tagged on to the end of the fake comics section at the venue, the backdrop for which depicted a superhero egg and spoon race, something i missed for 95% of the convention. Another genuinely nice guy, who provided Cameron with not just a sketch in his book but a Batman pin up to boot. I can’t find a website for him so the best I can do is provide a link to Dare Comics who produced his graphic novel, The Hunter.

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Sketch 12 – Staz Johnson
Stunning picture of Talia from Staz. For those of you that don’t know his stuff, here’s his webpage and wiki page.
I think WOW! is the only thing you can say about this sketch.

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Sketch 13 – Al Davison
The last of the sketches in Cameron’s book. Al chose to draw Oracle, whereupon we had a lengthy discussion about the way she is poorly depicted within the comics. Al’s site can be found here ->

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My Sketches – #1 Kev Crossley
Took a while to get this one as Kev was hellishly busy over the two days.
Kevs site ->
After finding him a costume reference this is what he produced for me.

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My Sketches – #2 Sean Phillips
OK, so its not essentially a sketch. Had to wait quite a while for this one, but was worth it in the end.

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My Sketches – #3 Colin Macneil
I can’t find a site for Colin other than his wiki page so I can’t put a link up. Nor can I put an image of the piece he drew for me as it is too large to scan. But all i can say is that he drew something for me that I’m already having framed, so I can put it up directly above my PC. It truly is a gorgeous piece of art drawn in chalks?crayons? The colours and details are fantastic and for a mere £10 i am truly stoked. I’d also like to apologize to Colin as I stood outside having a chat to him for around 10 minutes without having any idea who he was, despite the fact that he was one of the two main artists I wanted to get some work from him prior to coming to the show. Its always nice to put a face to a name.


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