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I’m somewhat late in writing this, but then again what is new for me on this Blog. also this is only the first blog of thanks. All the non comic folk’ll be in part 2
Our inaugural DEMONCON was a roaring success, far exceeding my initial expectations (123 attendees, nearly £4000 spent cumulatively), leaving me owing a lot of thanks to a lot of people, so here goes, in no particular order.

Writers and Artists

Jack Lawrence
Jack was heads down, drawing frantically all day. Everyone that had a piece drawn by him seemed stoked and the feedback for Tinpot Hobo has been exceptionally good, with a number of regulars adding it to their standing order.  Thanks Jack. Websites listed below.

Dan Abnett / Andy Lanning
I feel that I located DnA badly, away from the main hubbub of the day, however Dan informs me that he enjoyed the day and that between him and Andy may be able to get some other names involved in Demoncon 2. All the folks that did catch up with Dan commented on how approachable he was and it would be understating things to say that the guys who picked up the original art pages from Andy were over the moon. Thankyou guys. BTW Andy, Cameron liked his Gotham /Bat Signal sketch a lot, though I still reckon you cheated, so it’s a thanks from Cam as well.!/VincentAbnett
Apologies to Andy but I can’t find his website to post a link.

Dave Stokes
The unanimous opinion amongst the attendees of the mini-con was that it is criminal that this guy isn’t working full time as an illustrator. His sketches and prints went down a storm. An account of Dave’s day can be found here. A big thanks from all at The Grinning Demon.
Dave will be attending Demoncon 2 and has kindly agreed to knock up the poster for the event.

Phillip Jackson / Jollyjack
Phillip receives the award for making me most scared prior to the event. We were getting so much traffic from the two links he put up, I was worried that the venue may not be big enough. His sketches were popular and I noticed a number of people had picked up Little Victory. Also nice to see that a number of the attendees were big fans of his prior to the event…No furry costumes though. He also won a Boop off..(google Demoncon Boop, you’ll understand). Thankyou Phil, although I still think you should have done Dredd (or is it Dread) anthro style. Thanks from Cam too for the Mad Hatter and Raghn for his Spidey.
I strongly recommend checking out Sequential art from the beginning.

Chris Phillips / Chris Bates
With Candleman having been a big hit in The Grinning Demon it was nice to see a lot of people picking up Tales from the Wolf Road (co-created with Phillip Jackson). I believe that they took more money than they did at BICS so I’m glad things went well for them too. I picked up a number of sketches from Mr.Phillips, two of which he just pencilled for me between other work (a Batman rogues gallery for Cam and a Green Arrow for me), these in addition to the Alien piece he drew for Jayne so big thanks due there. Hopefully see you both at Demoncon 2 in November.  

Ian Sharman / Orang Utan Comics
Demoncon was their most successful convention ever, bettering Kapow and BICS. Ian was selling his FTL collections and lots of copies of Hero 9 to 5. The feedback for the latter has been positive so sequel please Ian. Cheers for representing the British Comic Publishers and for the positive twitter feeds you were posting all day.

Dean Beattie
Probably the least mainstream of the artists present, Deans very unique art style generated a bit of a marmite reaction from those present. His Spidey action scene was to be found in a number of bags by the end of the day and I was more than pleased that he chose Deadshot for my sons sketchbook as he is my favourite Batman villain. What with Kapow a few weeks ago, then Demoncon recently and the upcoming Bristol event, Dean is becoming a bit of a convention whore so hopefully he’ll add Nov 6th to his diary for Demoncon 2. Thanks Dean.

Peter Anckorn
Pete was sketching for free throughout the day, whilst selling hard copies of his webcomic. Jayne loved her Kobold so thanks from her and from me. I felt a little guilty as Pete was kind of closeted away from where the main goings on were, hopefully it didn’t detract from your day.


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