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Thought I ought to put up some quick thoughts on my first IPW:UK show that I attended last night.

Pre-Show: Spots blew so first half was in full light.

Bout 1: Terry Frazier vs T-Bone
Frazier def T-Bone via roll-up 8.24
Surprisingly good first bout, which surprised me as T-Bone had been somewhat underwhelming at the Andre Baker show. He played a good heel turn and his in ring skills were solid. Having watched the recent Frazier/Fish match on IPWondemand this match this match followed a similar pattern. It would appear that Frazier, whilst not amazing himself as there were a few poorly executed moves, has the ability to make his opponent look good, which sometimes is more important. As the momentum went from one combatant to the other, I was well into the fight as I had no clue as to how the fight would end. The beatdown issued by T-Bone post match will, no doubt lead to further story line developments.
Overall a good solid opener 6/10

Bout 2: Jon Ryan and Shinya Ishikawa vs Project Ego (Travis and Kirby)
Travis def Ryan via pinfall 14.43
Just a note IPW, Jon Ryan does not work well as a face.
Fortunately however, Project Ego played a great camp, cowardly heel turn, complete with running for exits, excessive and inappropriate hugging and over enthusiastic responses to in-ring successes. Ishikawa, who I’ve loved watching in his Global Gauntlet tag bouts vs the Osirian Portal and the Colony, didn’t really get over with the crowd, despite my best efforts to start up Ishikawa chants, however the limited action he was granted saw him prove he was up to the task, although we didn’t get to see a real solid Dropkick (from Hell), although we did get a nice twin dropkick. Ryan spent more time in ring and it genuinely felt weird cheering him, especially being as Project Ego proved, not only good comic skills, but slick tag moves and good technical prowess, once the shennanigans stopped.   They stole the show to be honest and made this bout one of the two most entertaining of the evening. 6.75/10

Bout 3: Marty Scurll vs Jonathan Gresham
Scurll def Gresham via pin to advance to the Cruiserweight Championship semis
I came to the show to see Jonathan Gresham, Hieracon in Chikara, even bringing a comissioned piece of art to get signed by him. Pre-bout we had JG dissing MS on the mike, saying how he wanted to fight Zack Sabre, not his sidekick. Marty replied in the best way possible, with lively in-ring action. Although you had a feeling that Gresham would be expected to drop the match to facilitate the advancement of Scurll to the semis, there were plenty of times when you weren’t sure that would be the case as his offense was impressive and he held the upper hand for long periods, even during the frenetic last few minutes of the bout. Some Gary Coleman and Hobbit chants echoed around the hall due to JG’s diminuitive size but the best interaction between him and the fans came when one fan called that he missed with a kick whilst Scurll was slumped in the corner. Gresham replied ‘really, not this time’ , then delivered a stinging kick to Scurlls uper thigh. There was a brief period around 4-5 minutes when the fight lagged a little but overall the pace of the fight was fast with a truly blistering pace of move/countermove maintained in the closing minutes. Best fight of the night finished by Scurll with torture rack dropped on to double knees, closely followed by a kick to the face and pin. 7.25/10

Interval: Bought the previous IPW Sittingbourne show DVD for £10, got more beer, went outside to cool down. Interval = five minutes too long, although we did get the spots back.

Bout 4: X-Treme Dean Allmark vs Max Angelous
Allmark def Angelous with the one-man spanish fly at 12.52 to advance to Cruiserweight semis
Two debutants to IPW with Angelous playing the ‘pretty boy’ heel turn. Dean-O chants abound, with lots of ‘kick him in the face’ shouts after Angelous made a big deal about protecting the face. Decent performances from both, although nothing outstanding. Crowd got into the interplay between the two so both did their jobs.  6/10

Bout 5: Joel Redman vs Drew Gulak
Redman def Gulak after folding press for the pin.
I was disappointed that Gulak didn’t get to take the mike pre-bout. Initial physical shows of strength showing Redman with upper hand. Then he got to show the upper hand throughout, technically as well, getting a lot of laughs with his tying up of Gulak in knots, along with the ref, plus Gulak failing to replicate some of Redman’s moves. It went down well with the crowd so i guess thats what counts but I felt that Gulak should have been allowed a little more offense. Also with him having trained at wrestle factory I did call for a chikara special at one point, only to be told, “I don’t want to do that move”. I would give it a 5.75 but the fact the crowd seemed to enjoy it means it gets a 6.25/10

Bout 6: Sha Samuels & Rockstar Spud vs Lion Kid & Dave Mastiff
Although the headline bout, probably the least interesting in ring. Without the quality heel antics of Rockstar Spud, refusing to get in ring with Mastiff and dissing all around, It appears I am a ‘knob’ because I have long hair, just because I asked how ‘looking like Limahl makes him a rock star’, the bout barely got out of second gear. In the end Spud did a runner, pursued by Dave leaving Lion Kid to defeat Sha Samuels, who’d of thought, I certainly didn’t. The 619 prior to the 450 splash was a bit botched, but he nailed the splash for the 1-2-3. Nice finish to a fairly poor fight. 4.5/10 although I’d like to give Spud a 7/10 for the entertainment factor. my son really enjoyed the lion kid raaarghing though, so perhaps I’d better up it to a 5/10.

After show got a signed Scurll photo for my son, got to meet Jonathan Gresham, getting my artwork signed which you can see here and bought a dropkick from hell t-shirt off Ishuikawa. All in all a good show with no terrible bouts and all the matches and something positive to talk about. Will definitely be going to the next Sittingbourne event and I’ll probably go to the Chatham events as well.


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