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Posters are ready, t-shirts and mugs being printed. A number of guests confirmed.
Things are chugging along towards Demoncon2 quite nicely.
We’ve dropped the gaming aspect that featured in our first Demoncon so as to focus on more tables for writers and artists.
For those that haven’t seen it on twitter here’s the two versions of the poster, kindly drawn and inked by Davestokes with poster design and colours by Robert Parham.


As well as those listed on the poster we have a number of other guests booked in:
Dave Stokes, Big success from Demoncon1 and poster artist returns
David Wynne, Artist for Orangutan comics, Mr.Sharman’s collaborator on Hypergirl
Dan Boultwood, Artist on The Gloom, Hope Falls and The Baker St Irregulars, plus he drew REALLY cool steampunk pictures of my kids at MCM Expo

We’ve also sent out invites to Emma Vieceli, Lee Bradley, Laurence Campbell and Clint Langley.
Laurence Campbell (2000AD, Marvel Universe vs Wolverine) looks promising. The others it is a case of fingers crossed.
We still have spaces for 4-5 more artists so if anyone knows of anybody who’d like a FREE table, get them to get in touch with me.


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