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It feels weird reviewing a comic I’m not yet stocking, but Ian Sharman at OrangUtan Comics kindly sent me over a preview comic of their new comic, Hypergirl #1, written by Ian himself, with art by David Wynne. (Quick plug – both of these guys will be attending Demoncon2 on Nov 6th)
The premise of the first issue is that bored teenager, Charley Matthews, inherits a supersuit from her hometowns superhero, Doc Hyperpower, whilst visiting the town museum for the umpteenth time. Experiencing a crisis of confidence in her new found power, we witness her coming to terms with her abilities and maybe her responsibilities (don’t worry folks, I won’t make a spidey reference, darn just did).
The title could nigh on pass as an all ages comic which is nice in this day and age. Ian’s writing is brisk and punchy and on one occasion a bit Dr.Seuss (although I like Dr.Seuss), with the emphasis firmly placed on fun. This is paired up with David’s really simple and colourful art, which is eye-catching to say the least, although I did have an issue with a couple of ‘lazy panels’.
If you have picked up and enjoyed either Hero 9 to 5 or Candleman, you’ll probably enjoy this, and there are some similarities between this and the Candleman GN. Or if your a parent trying to find something fun yet suitable for your child, this comic is going to tick most of the boxes.
Hopefully we will have some stock prior to Demoncon2, but if not you’ll be able to pick it up from either Ian or David on the day.


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