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Things are just about finalised with regards the guest list for Demoncon2. The guests that will be packing (and that probably is a fair description) into Eden on the 6th November are as follows:
Returning for their Second Demoncon
Jack Lawrence (Darkham Vale, Lions Tigers & Bears, Tinpot Hobo)
Chris Phillips (Candleman, The Moose, Travelling the Wolf Road)
Chris Bates (Travelling the Wolf Road)
Phillip Jackson (Sequential Art, Little Victory, Travelling the Wolf Road)
Dave Stokes (Poster Artist for Demoncon2, Blackfriars Webcomic)
Ian Sharman (Hero 9 to 5, Hypergirl)
Dean Beattie
Peter Anckorn (By the Book)

Demoncon 1st Timers
Marc Laming (The Rinse, American Century)
Tony Lee (Dr.Who, Starship Troopers, Hope Falls, The Gloom, Baker St Irregulars)
Dan Boultwood (Hope Falls, The Gloom, Baker St Irregulars)
Sonia Leong (Aya Takeo, Domo the Manga, Love Stuffing, Comic Book Tattoo)
Morag Lewis (Looking for the Sun, Sun Fish Moon Fish, Ambient Rhythm)
David Wynne (Hypergirl, FTL, Particle Fiction)
Garen Ewing (The Rainbow Orchid)

Hopefully coming to their first Demoncon
Cy Dethan (Slaughtermans Creed, Cancertown, Starship Troopers)
Laurence Campbell (2000AD, Marvel Universe vs Wolverine, Punisher)

Space is going to be a real issue even with the gaming presence from last time gone, but we’ll juggle something. Shame that Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning couldn’t make their second event but they’re in Lille at another event.



  1. Hi there, is it still ok for Grant Perkins to attend tomorrow (or should I say today) I believe Jack Lawrence spoke to you about us coming along?
    Eva x

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