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Many a shop regular must have heard me on my soap box going on about artists that think they can write. Tony Daniel has been one of the chief contributors to these rants. I have frequently been less than complimentary about his run on Batman, not because it was bad, but because it wasn’t up to scratch for such a flagship title. Mind you Morrison had sucked on it before Daniels, but that’s another of my bugbears, the ability of ‘superstar’ writers to frequently churn out incomprehensible rubbish, whilst relying on previous great work to keep getting top gigs.
I’d been telling everyone to jump on board Batman now that Snyder had been moved on to it and possibly to steer clear of Detective. Well, for now at least, folks, you can pick up Detective and be guaranteed that you’ll want to see what comes next.
Daniels art is always solid, sometimes even masterful, but the first two page spread is amazing and I’m talking take 2 minutes to look at every detail amazing. The art throughout the issue maintains this high standard with great attention to detail, albeit never quite taking the breath away like flipping the first page over.
With the Joker in tow, a new vibe to the supporting cast and a intriguing last panel, Daniel does a good job of capturing the readers interest with his script. Occasionally the dialogue didn’t work for me, but it didn’t detract from the overall enjoyment.
I’d happily recommend this to any customer that asked if it was worth picking up, although it isn’t good enough for me to be thrusting it into peoples hands saying, ‘you must read this’, as you needed to be Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Punisher or The Rinse to get that sort of treatment this week.


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