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Due to ship in the next couple of weeks (we think first Wednesday in October), The Rinse, due to some seriously plugging on my behalf, is now the fourth most Subscribed to title on my standing order list. Plus lets not forget that anyone picking up the first three issues will be entered into the draw to win the original piece of art by Marc Laming, currently on display in the shop.

Some of the comments that customers have made have included ‘better than criminal’, ‘this is why I hate individual comics, having to wait for the next issue when the comic is this good’ and quite a few ‘put me down for the rest of the run’.

A quick review by Marc Hoffman, one of the shop regulars.

I can honestly say I have been looking forward to the Rinse for ages now, and it sure didn’t disappoint. As the title suggests it focuses on a main character who rinses money. We very quickly get a feel for the guy from the great artwork and snappy dialogue, and more importantly it is quite easy to care about what he has to say. The story develops at quite a fast pace, introducing the catalyst to the story in the form of an accountant on the run with a lot of his bosses money and a couple of hard hitters looking to get it back. It is all told in a believable and enjoyable way, and definitely leaves you wanting more. If you wanted to be a little critical then the fight scene is rushed through, but in all fairness I would sooner jump it to find out whats going on.

Marc Laming’s artwork tells the story beautifully and through the details and colours it really came alive for me. I could practically hear a Tony Joe White soundtrack going on between the well written dialogue.

My only criticism is that it was over in a flash and left me wanting more. I can’t wait for the next issue to come out- which is probably why I tend to prefer tradebacks.

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