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Normally when I review a show I’ll list a breakdown of each match, weighing up all the pros and cons of the performance, and basically being a bit of a smark. Today I’m going to refrain from that and talk about just how much fun my kids had.

The FPW lads had to go guerilla today with fans being redirected from one venue to another due to the machinations of a rival fed. But with a never say die attitude, the trio behind FPW (Lee Elmer, Mat Burden and Steve Evans), managed to put on an awesome event that had my kids so stoked I can’t describe.

The first three matches were as follows: Baghera vs Da Big J Dizzle (Lightweight Jungle Boy pulling off upset victory against the odds vs much heavier opponent), Terry Striker vs Rob Cage (Despised hobbit bagging the win in a No DQ match against the favoured, popular northerner), Lords of the Ring vs Williams, Simmonz and Havoc ( Heel victory despite strong showing from the faces). Throughout the third match my son was waving his Book Havoc sign frantically, new mask on face, brother alongside lending vocal support to the face trio. Basically they did me proud.

Next up we had Burridge vs The Warden in a hair vs dice match. What? I hear you ask. Yep you heard me, fluffy dice vs hair with great showmanship on display from Greg. We had an Olympic challenge, involving dancing, arm wrestling AND an actual wrestling match. Burridge won 2 games to 1 and Phil ‘The Warden’ lost his hair, surrounded by kids clamouring to get a good view. Superb entertainment, crowd inc my two boys massively into it.

This was followed up by a triple threat between Snare, Exodus and a face who I can only apologise to, but whose name escapes me. Good fun comedown match won by the face who my son quickly proclaimed as AWESOME,  so I really should find out who he was. Toilet break during the introductions.

The headline match was Fleisch and Storm vs The Bhangra Knights which was a thrill a minute with the Knights bagging the win. Post match we had a London Riots beat down that prompted a respect call for the Knights from Fleisch and Storm.

As well as all the action we had a comic and merchandise auction, I bought some ridiculously cheap masks for my boys and won the FPW birthday cake in an auction.

The action throughout the event was of a high standard, but tonight wasn’t just about what occurred in ring. This was the first anniversary, against adversity, of what I can only say is the best, family friendly fed I’ve encountered. I’ll be buying the DVD and we’ll be supporting every FPW event as a family from this point on.

Hats off to Lee, Matt and Steve. I’ll enjoy the cake, but I’ll save the Heavy D section as I’ve promised it to Steve’s daughter. Thanks again


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