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Results for the following tournaments

Yugioh U15:
August 11th 

August 4th
August 11th x2
August 15th (moved forward as mno event on 18th)

August 15th

Results Listed Below:

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Hi! Its time for another blog about Legend of the Five Rings from me, Matsu Mokashi (or David to those who don’t know me through various L5R sites) and this time I am picking the Crane clan and trying my best to come up with a deck all by myself again. My idea with this deck is to be able to switch between honour and military through duelling.

Crane duelling switch

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Hi, I’m David (Matsu Mokashi to those who know me through L5R websites) and I have been asked to write up a little something about each clan and how things stand after the latest L5R set, The Plague Wars.

Having talked this over with Graham (Mr. Grinning Demon himself) it seemed like a good way to do this would be to pick an archetype deck for each clan and then comment on it, and, seeing as I have had the most experience with Lion, I believe I will start there and I will even write up my own deck list.

The deck type I am looking into is the Naked Lion build which traditionally relies on cheap personalities with good effects and a fate deck filled out with proactive battle actions. This set has carefully placed a few spanners in the spokes of the traditional Naked Lion build which would run out mostly (if not all) six cost and lower personalities, which with a fast enough deck, you probably could still plough through and keep a good tempo going but I decided I would try something a little different just to see how exactly it goes… read on. Read More »