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As an original reader of the Wildstorm comics (from back when they formed part of Image Comics), Grifter was one of my favorite characters from the WildCATS team. On seeing that the character would be forming part of DC’s new 52 I hoped that a new lease of life would be granted to a comic that in the past had received solo outings, especially in light of the exceptionally poor pieces work produced by Wildstorm in its final years.

Unfortunately upon reading the first issue my hopes were dashed. The basis of the story would prove promising on paper; an ex-special ops turned con man is abducted and experimented on by unknown beings. However the first issue attempted to to cram all of this into the limited number of pages of the comic. Astonishingly one page half way through was devoted to recapping the events in the opening pages.
The dialogue is poor and far too grammatically correct to read as though someone is talking. The experiment performed by the beings leave Grifter with the ability to hear their thoughts and even the thoughts of these non humans leaves a lot to be desired.
I would like to say that the artwork makes up for the lousy writing but it is of an amateur standard and really adds nothing to an overall disappointing production by DC. If the new 52 was supposed to be about quality then DC has missed the mark here.
In my opinion if the first few issues of the comic told the story of one of the Grifter’s cons which turns bad when the victim turns out to be one of the previously mentioned beings would have been a much better introduction to the DC universe.
Personally I expect I ‘ll continue to pick up each issue out of devotion, but I expect it to go the way it has in the past and will be cancelled after 12 issues.
Paul Yates

Many a shop regular must have heard me on my soap box going on about artists that think they can write. Tony Daniel has been one of the chief contributors to these rants. I have frequently been less than complimentary about his run on Batman, not because it was bad, but because it wasn’t up to scratch for such a flagship title. Mind you Morrison had sucked on it before Daniels, but that’s another of my bugbears, the ability of ‘superstar’ writers to frequently churn out incomprehensible rubbish, whilst relying on previous great work to keep getting top gigs.
I’d been telling everyone to jump on board Batman now that Snyder had been moved on to it and possibly to steer clear of Detective. Well, for now at least, folks, you can pick up Detective and be guaranteed that you’ll want to see what comes next. Read More »